• We manage House Call, Domicile, Hotels Visits, every day from April to October, including week-end, from 9am to 10pm, ( and mostly same schedule on the other months…), for all kinds of emergencies, injuries, general, infectious, children Pathologies.

  • We receive at the Medical Center : MEDIFUTUR, Calle Costa de Carbonell, 59- Lloret-de-Mar, Costa Brava, Girona, SPAIN, the same cases for all different pathologies.

  • You can come to the Center, or CALL us at :

0034 66 01 01 680

  • The Doctor will receive directly the telephone call, and speaks ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, CATALAN, and some GERMAN. We have translators (on the phone) for RUSSIAN.

  • We manage an Area from LLORET DE MAR, BLANES, to PALAFOLLS, MALGRAT DE MAR & SANTA SUSANNA. In case, Tossa de Mar, and Platja d’Aro Zone is available, but only if we have time or not too urgent, or the patient comes to the Surgery.

  • In case of doubt, do CALL.

  • Be remembered that we always do a BILL that allows you to claim for the Money back to the patient, when he is back into his country, by his Insurance: Travel Insurance, National Health System Insurance (EU), any other Private Insurance, Credit Card, if Gold or Premier (Europ Assistance), and so on…

  • We also have some Agreements for some INSURANCES so the patient does not pay. If you please,Call before…

  • We have all medical Skills as Emergency , General Practice, Precise Diagnosis, and a Web of Specialists, and Private , and National Hospitals in case of that should be necessary.


With a big experience of many EMERGENCIES, in many a country, we shall always try to find the best solution to cure you as soon as possible, with less secondary effects, and we shall make the maximum effort to keep you in the best conditions, to go on for your holidays…

With a Doctorate ( PhD) from France, we pretend to have the skill of finding complicated diagnoses, we are used to manage including children: infectious, abdominal, respiratory, traumatic, heart & circulatory problems, dermatology, stress & depression…

We have a Web of contacts as Specialists, Clinics, Hospitals to help in case of very hard/complicated pathology, and in case also of request of hospitalization.


Sport Medicine covers PHYSICAL PREPARATION for effort, including DIET, límits that we should give to effort and TRAINING, and how to reach it, control it, according to the practiced sport, the performed exercises.

Sport Medicine is responsible for determination of FITNESS of the sportsmen for their favorite sport (FITNESS CERTIFICATES)

Sport Medicine includes TREATMENTS in case of physical problems due to effort (as sportman o other kind of effort in normal life…), emergency treatments, chronical problems of articulations, bones, tendons, ligaments, and by extension osteo-articular problems of no-sportsmen

We can advise and help for REHABILITATION of patients after lesion, or after a surgical intervention. By extention we can also help an older person to manage his movement ergonomy, to keep a sufficient autonomy not to enter in a vicious circle or immobilization that leads to other complications of which it should be almost impossible to get off.


Mesotherapy is a technique with complex theorical bases, in relation with nervous  embryological territories (metameres). The therapy uses very short needles, about 4 or 6 mms. Most of the times, are injected allopathic medications, of common medical use, and recognized substances.

The advantage of this technique, that the specialists better all along the practice, is that the medications are injected in the heart of the problem, in some places which generate circles of pain and inflammation. But we use a rate much smaller, and much less frequently, than the dosis of usual treatments.

We administer that way a dosis about 20 times smaller than any usual treatment, so the risks of secondary effects are almost nil

The medications are chosen contingent on the pathology, and of any particular case, that evaluates the practitioner, that in terms of articulations, for example, using different mixtures, blocks the vicious circle:

Inflammation that generates Pain, that generate Contractures, which generates Wrong Position, Which generates additional Inflammation, which increases the Pain, which generates Contracture, and so on whithout interruption of the cercle…

That is why we get a big efficiency and relief, with a very small dosis, and minimum risk.

It is usefull in most articulations, joints problems :

All kind of Arthritis, Artrhrosis, Algodystrophies

– and many inflammations out of articulations, like Tendinitis, muscular Pains, Stiff Necks…and so on

…without secondary effects…

All informations :

Dr Christophe Emmanuel ROTTLER

Tel : ( 0034) 66 01 01 680